Golden Rules

Below are some of the golden rules of being fit and taking care of yourself

1)      Work out both aerobically (cardio) and anerobically (weights) to achieve the best overall results.

2)      Eating off a smaller plate has been shown to reduce the amount we eat.

3)      Abs are made in the kitchen, a clean diet with no processed foods is a must.

4)      Drink a glass of water before each meal to avoid over eating

5)      It is ok to have a cheat meal

6)      You are more likely to emulate the habits of those around you, time to meet some fit friends!

7)      No food group should be left out of a diet, fats are important to stay healthy don’t cut them out!

8)      Taking a protein shake doesn’t make you a meat head, getting a clean protein fix within 30 minutes after working out has been proven to improve muscle repair

9)      Girls if you want a killer body you have to lift

10)  Interval cardio training is the best type to do as this cuts your time in the gym

11)  Intensity of your workout is more important than duration

12)  Try not to spend over an hour at the gym in each work out, if you do it is likely many of your gains will be lost due to the fact you’ll be starving afterwards!

13)  Eggs. Marry them. Hard boiling them and tossing out the yolk is the perfect transportable hit of protein

14)  Low fat dairy is amazing for protein so swap the full fat for the semi skimmed

15)  Talk to someone or research any supplement or diet pill you are thinking about taking, remember the people producing them only want to make money and the gains may only be minor relative to the price

16)  Supersets are an amazing way to increase the intensity of your workouts as are depletions

17)  Read! No point in having a great body with a crappy personality which in my experience is usually the product of ignorance. Broaden your interests and try learning about new things.

18)  Joining fitness groups on Facebook is amazing for motivation. Just imagine loads of fitness models scrolling all over your home page. Lovely!

19)  Try to vary your workouts. This will stop your body from plateauing.

20)  Prepare your food yourself.

21)  Swap cheese for chilli. Spicy sauces boost your metabolism. That includes sweeter ones like cinnamon too!

22)  Remember that your body is different to everyone else’s so what works for your friend may not work for you.

23)  Use a gym playlist with songs over 180 BPM to get you amped up for your workouts

24)  Keep your hair, nails, skin, teeth and clothes as nice as you can. At the end of the day no one is going to want to see this fantastic new body if all they can smell is bad breath.

25) When working out your portions your protein allowance should be about half of the plate (or the size of your fist) and a quarter each for carbs (preferably whole foods or low GI) and veggies.

25)  Show off! When you have reached your target treat yourself to a new game, outfit or day out with your mates. If your body is anything as good as your newfound confidence or your continuous smile the hard work will have all been worth it!


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