When I think about fitness the things that come to mind are, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Creatine and massive weights but fitness is about more than that.

Think about your body now. What weight you are, how healthy you are eating and what habits you have. Do you struggle to get up the stairs at work? Do you find yourself huffing and puffing when you pick up the shopping? Are you ashamed of how you look?

I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone.

There is nothing wrong with carrying a bit of excess weight, but how does carrying that weight make you feel? Would you honestly say you’re happy at the weight you are now. Fitness is about happiness. Knowing that you are giving your body what it needs to run at an optimal level.

Humans evolved to live in a certain way, specifically as beings that can work with changing environments, as hunter gatherers who can go 3 weeks without food if we really have to because where we evolved food wasn’t a daily thing and there was no fast food restaurants. Why do you think you feel happy after you exercise? It’s because its what you’re body wants. Its what you were built for.


Fit Club is about being the best you you can be. About pushing yourself past what you thought you were capable of and realising that all these things are connected and if you run your body like the beautiful piece of machinery it is, then you will live a longer, healthier and happier life.



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