The magic three

Posted: June 4, 2013 in Uncategorized
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When you’re talking about anaerobic or weights based exercises there are two main types: Compound movements and isolated movements.

Isolated movements refer to movements that “isolate” one key joint. Examples include things like bicep curls.

bicep curls

These movements need to be conducted with particular care as due to the fact there is a lot of strain being placed on the single joint there is a greater likelihood of injury if the technique is not right or the weight is too heavy.
Compound exercises on the other hand, are exercises utilizing multiple joints and include exercises such as the bench press. These exercises have great benefits as they use more of the body in the workout. When doing a bench press it is not just your arms, wrists and shoulders that are being activated but also your back and your stomach. For this reason it is best to advocate a ratio of about 3:1 when you are talking about compound versus isolation exercises with particular attention being paid to the magic three.

1) Bench press
2) Lunges
3) Squats

When done properly with the correct technique and right weight these exercises will make up the foundation of any good all over anaerobic workout and will lead to the greatest gains. There are different variations of these exercises available so hunt around for ones you like best Compound exercises should be done following a short 5 minute warm up with other exercises depending on your specific wants and areas you most need to improve. Some examples such as the plank, particularly hard with a 10kg weight on your lower back, pull ups, push ups, sumo squats and the leg press will be a good place to start. As a rule with the exception of the press machines you should avoid machines. They are typically isolatory and often will do little to affect the whole body changes you want. Women specifically often use multiple machines at the gym. As I have said before do not be afraid of the free weights and smith machine it is through them you will get that JLo booty.

Take home points

• The two main types of anaerobic exercises are isolated and compound
• Isolated movements concentrate on one joint specifically whist compound movements use multiple joints
• Take due care when using isolated movements as injury is most common here
• Harness the magic three: Bench press, Lunges and Squats at the core of your anaerobic workout in order to get the best gains over all.


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